About Rob

robMy first job in high school was opening mail in the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office. Since that time, I’ve held almost every position in the Treasurer’s Office, working my way up to the Treasurer. I’ve served as Hamilton County Treasurer since 1991. This experience makes me uniquely qualified to continue to serve as your Treasurer.

I’m also happy to serve you as the current President of the Hamilton County Board of Revision, President of the Hamilton County Investment Advisory Board and President of the Hamilton County Budget Commission. We are fortunate to have strong office and community support that enables us to effectively advance all of these efforts.

I’ve been a lifelong resident of Hamilton County, and I have a great affinity for our neighborhoods and citizens. I care deeply about service and believe that our government can continue to do more with less.

I value direct interaction with taxpayers. I’ve ensured that the Treasurer’s office is staffed with caring people who answer our phones (not computers) and help citizens.

I value efficiency of transactions and have significantly cut overhead costs.

I value safety of fiduciary Investments, and Hamilton County has never suffered a loss of interest or invested funds under my watch.


As your treasurer, I intend to continue programs that aide taxpayers and do not increase the cost or size of government. I strongly believe that all governmental entities can, and should, be good stewards of your tax dollars. That’s why I strive to ensure the efficient and effective operation of the Hamilton County Treasurer’s Office in order to continuously lower the burden on the taxpayers who fund it. That’s also why I have instituted programs that are cost neutral or garner funds through higher interest earnings.

One such program is the TOPP – Treasurer’s Optional Payment Plan. TOPP allows taxpayers to prepay property tax in easy monthly installments. Since I initiated the program allowing taxpayers to better budget for their property tax bills, we have seen over 13,000 participants. This program pays for itself (and then some) through the increased interest earnings on the invested prepaid funds.

In addition, I have set up the first ever credit card payment system for real estate tax bills in Hamilton County. Thousands of taxpayers simplify their payment process (and receive credit card perks) by using credit cards to pay Real Estate Taxes. This services provides direct benefits to the public while reducing staff time and creating efficiencies in the treasurer’s office.

I have also incorporated the Hamilton County Land Reutilization Corporation, our county’s very first “Land Bank.” I serve as the President of this organization and have overseen the demolition of hundreds of abandon buildings that have sat as eyesores for years. The Land Bank turns these abandoned properties from neighborhood blights into productive, tax generating properties. This initiative encourages strong cross governmental and public cooperation – city, county, communities, and taxpayers all provide input and gain from the Land Bank. As mentioned, I serve as President of the Land Bank Board which includes the Mayor of Cincinnati, all three Hamilton County Commissioners, and representatives of various communities and boards.